Jabberwock Review



Submissions will be accepted only from August 15 to October 15 and January 15 to March 15.

*We do not accept previously published material.

*We do not accept emailed submissions. Please use our Submission Manager to submit work using Submittable.

*Please submit no more than 1 story or essay or no more than 5 poems at a time.

*We do not have a word limit, but please keep in mind that the entire journal is only about 100 pages, so longer work must be truly exceptional.

*We ask that contributors please wait at least a year before resubmitting.

*Please double-space prose submissions.

*Poems of multiple pages should indicate whether or not stanza breaks accompany page breaks.

*Please do not send another submission until you have received a response on the first.

*We will try to respond in 3 months. If you have not heard from us in 5 months, feel free to contact us about the status of your submission.

*Rights revert to the author upon publication, but please acknowledge the Jabberwock Review in any future publications.

*Jabberwock Review welcomes all forms and styles of writing, from traditional to experimental.

Please submit electronically using Submittable. Due to publication costs, we do charge a small $2.50 submission fee.

If you need to withdraw a submission, please do that using Submittable as well.


****We do not accept paper submissions.****

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